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Our Foundation, Helping Children Succeed is a 501 c(3) Foundation that supports The Shiksha Vikas Vidyalaya (SVV) School.  This is an after-school program committed to enriching students' education with the goal of helping them forge a new path. We are guided by the precept that some skills develop better in a young mind, taking root in receptive thought and blossoming over a lifetime. This nurturing early in life goes a long way in ensuring success later. Therefore, the focus of the SVV program is on languages, mathematics and presentation skills. However, we would not like the children to learn exclusively through our model of learning. We have decided to supplement rather than replace the infrastructure in place under the Indian Universal Primary Education model.


The role of SVV is to supplement the system already in place at Chanchli. The primary focus is to build a strong foundation for elementary school students by helping them become proficient in English and Hindi, Mathematics and develop their presentation skills. "Show and tell' is an integral part of the daily schedule. It will be relevant to mention here that the Indian educational system is very different than the systems found in most other countries. Its emphasis on English as the language of higher education (i.e. engineering, medicine and management, to name a few) means that a lack of knowledge of English can severely limit opportunities for growth in life. Also, English is the language of corporate India.

Attendance is voluntary and the classes are held in the afternoon to enable the children to attend the program after their regular day at school. All of the classes are free of charge and open to all village children. No incentive is provided for attending the program. However, the program is administered along the lines of any other school. The children are grouped by age, an attendance register is maintained and their progress is monitored through regular testing. The teaching staff consists of three teachers to ensure age-relevant instruction.

To learn even more about the school, please visit our school website by clicking this link.