Our Founder

Linda Singh founded Sitara Collections as an outgrowth of her own passion for artisan-crafted goods. Her extensive travels solidified a firm belief in the power of handmade goods to create a more holistic experience for herself and her loved ones. That conviction eventually led to the launch of Sitara Collections as a resource to connect consumers with craftspeople who often work in remote areas of the world. Today, Sitara Collections is a notable retail and wholesale company recognized for handmade gemstone jewelry, and gifts.

Her journey into entrepreneurship started with a career in the corporate world spanning two decades. During that period, she was involved in product development, marketing, and sales for iconic global beauty brands. With her background in the beauty industry and a growing interest in wellness, the next step was obvious: create a company focused on products designed for mindful living. She was determined to offer thoughtfully made items rather than mass-produced pieces, enhance the lives of artisans through fair-trade practices, and introduce consumers to goods they might not otherwise have access to.

Linda hand selects every Sitara product, drawn to collections and techniques that are rooted in traditional wisdom while also reflecting a modern lifestyle. A big part of her travels includes discovering new ways to give back, as well. This desire to support meaningful communities and build a brand that does good guides both her professional and personal lives.

To connect with Linda, email her at Linda@SitaraCollections.com or call her at 917.575.0467.

Linda Singh, Founder